TRAIN DRIVER'S VIEW: Scooter to depot and hauling from Oslo to Ål

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Thanks to John and some very convincing friends I finally tested out the electric scooters located all over Oslo. They are freaking brilliant. Cut the travel time to Lodalen half and was loads of fun.

Today we're going to Lodalen Depot in Oslo and picking up the loco, connecting it to the carriages and then hauling the train from Oslo to Ål in Hallingdal where there is a driver change. We're going from partly cloudy and sunshine to overcast and the pretty thick fog in at Ål.

This is the day train from Oslo to Bergen, so there are more stops along the way than we see for the Morning Express. We will on this trip also be stopping at Hokksund, Vikersund and *drum roll* Flå for embarking/disembarking passengers.

????Bergen Line information:
????Flam Line information:
????Signaling information:
????Line information and speed:

Train Stops at:
Oslo S
Sandvika (embarkation only)
Asker (embarkation only)
Drammen (embarkation only)
Hokksund (embarkation only)
Flå (on request) (Embarking and disembarking passengers)

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