THREADS (The Story of Rahab)

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This special sermon by Pastor Tom Deuschle and Celebration Churches International focuses on Joshua 2 and the topic of THREADS—meaning something woven, strung-together, created or continued in many different facets of life. Rahab, a woman and prostitute in the city of Jericho, chose to sew the scarlet thread (bloodline of Jesus) on her household to protect her family and help the Men of God escape city officials; revealing that God will use anyone, in any circumstance for His kingdom. Because of her faith, Rahab—a woman of her word—was recognized in the Hall of Faith and—to most people's surprise—is in the lineage of Jesus.

"It is amazing to me, how God knows how to find just the right people for His purpose no matter what circumstance or lifestyle you're in. Jesus came to redeem you from that lifestyle. To break you free from the bondage of it and to save you and your whole family. That’s been God’s plan throughout the ages and that’s His plan for us today..." — Pastor Tom

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