The Last First Ascent of 2011-Lincoln Lake, CO

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The last session at Lincoln Lake, the night before they closed the gate (re-opening in May 2012).

Hail, rainbows, a good crew, Cheez-It's (Pepperjack), a first ascent, lots of pads to carry out, and a whole lot of stoke.

Ivo Penchev squeezed in a first ascent of Dancing With Wolves (The last one of 2011) just as we arrived....sweet problem!

Alex on a new problem called Twisting The Knife (V7/8?)...established by Justin Jaeger and Ivo Penchev

Also, Alex & Chase sending Bloody Lineage V9 (a Ryan Silven problem) at the last hour.

Humbled and glad that I was able to experience the last month of Wolvoland 2011 :)




1. artist: Animals on Wheels
song: Build a Church With Your Fear

2. artist: Nightmares on Wax
song: Thinking of Omara

3. artist: Freeway & Jake One
song: Money (instrumental)

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