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THE CURSE OF ISRAEL: The identity of a people sold/stolen to be remembered no more within the course of time as to who they really are. Do you know your heritage? DO U KNOW WHO U ARE? Parts 1 & 2 is our history; Parts 3 & 4 are the endtime prophecies.

African Americans are not a race of people but is a poorly created term that identifies Negroes (a dark-skinned nation of people who have no specific homeland and incorrectly believe they are African) who are in a specific location (America). 'Black race' is also a poor term. Race is a word with secular origins (Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid defined largely by hair texture and skin-color) when biblically scripture speaks of nations/families of the earth divided by family lineage and customs/heritage-Shem, Ham and Japheth). Negroes are descended from Shem and is the only nation who has always been confused with Ethiopians (who are true Africans). True African tribes are descended from Ham and are normally referred to as African (by their nationality). Negroes were the only people referred to in non-descript terms like "black and colored". Technically black is a color that also points to the Negro (since Negro means black in Spanish. Other non-descript terms for our people are: Muur, Moor, Morenos). The tribe of Judah (and parts of Levi and Benjamin) were largely the only ones left in Israel when they to were sold in the Diaspora (the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade) & the enslavement was identified to Abraham as being 400 years in duration. Negro slaves were transported in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to the Americas by the ships of the Spanish/Portuguese/Dutch/ British and French (descendants of Japheth). Those ships were also largely financed by Edomites (Shem). The Americas include South America and the Islands where Negro slaves (our people) were also sold. This video is about letting the scripture identify the nation of people who fit the prophesies of Israel described therein and the end-time story begins in the Belly of Babylon (clearly North America -- U.S.A., Inc.). Based upon the prophecies, they identify a Negro people who would be in Babylon, (the captive descendants of slaves) who were transported there by ships and that they would be clueless as to who they truly were but their own history, habits, customs and brokenness would clearly identify them - the focal point of this video.

If you would like to be spiritually prepared, log onto www.theuci.org @ 1:00 pm EST Saturday for live streaming or call our conference line and listen in at 641-715-3200 and enter 843276#. Also, log onto www.theuci.org for live streaming or call our conference line and listen in at 641-715-3200 and enter 843276# for our weekly bible study at 7 pm EST on Wednesdays.

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