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  • 01:35 XG's Official L2X Promo

    XG's Official L2X Promo

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    When two rival servers collide, all chaos breaks loose. When the time comes to decide, what server will you fight for?

  • 00:15 Популярные L2JBrasil Entrada Social

    L2JBrasil Entrada Social

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    Entrada para sites de Lineage 2, L2JBrasil.com

  • 05:00 Популярные Lineage 2 Dubstep AMV

    Lineage 2 Dubstep AMV

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    A little Video I made as a tribute to my long time favorite MMO Lineage 2. It was my goal to capture the dynamic of the game and give the viewer a little peek into the lovely story. Too bad this game is almost dead, they should make a book out of it !

  • 04:17 Популярные Lineage 2 Celes

    Lineage 2 Celes

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