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  • 1:03:21 The List

    The List

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    We care more about lists than we are willing to admit. Pastor Tim Chaddick teaches from Matthew 1:2-21 in which the shocking and controversial lineage of Jesus is unabashedly put forth.

  • 28:30 SSU2015-1-03: A Matter of Life and Death

    SSU2015-1-03: A Matter of Life and Death

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    Study 3 of 13 on Proverbs “Ruth. The best of what life had to offer, at that time, was where she was. Anywhere else was the unknown. Culturally, she fit right where she was. Her family was there for all the needed familiarity. Yet the comfort of Naomi and

  • 37:25 THREADS (The Story of Rahab)

    THREADS (The Story of Rahab)

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    This special sermon by Pastor Tom Deuschle and Celebration Churches International focuses on Joshua 2 and the topic of THREADS—meaning something woven, strung-together, created or continued in many different facets of life. Rahab, a woman and prostitute i

  • 1:13:58 Classic Service 12-23-18

    Classic Service 12-23-18

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    Dennis R. Wiles December 23, 2018 Fourth Sunday of Advent ADVENT 2018 Finding Your Way . . . to Bethlehem December 1 – 31, 2018 Glory in the Shepherd’s Fields Luke 2:1-20 Luke 2:1-20 (King James Version) And it came to pass in those days, that there went

  • 31:01 God Came Down // December 24, 2016

    God Came Down // December 24, 2016

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    Everyone is afraid of something, and in this world there are plenty of bad things to be concerned about. When we focus on the things that cause us to be afraid or worry, life can seem pretty dark and hopeless. The good news of Christmas is that Jesus came