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  • 25:00 Gen Atem Reportage on Swiss Television CH-TV

    Gen Atem Reportage on Swiss Television CH-TV

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    First train 1983. At a time, when most people in Europe haven't even heard of graffiti, this man did already pieces on steel (and what other surfaces you can paint on). When he met the New York Legend PHASE 2 in 1985, a journey started for which some peop

  • 05:27 Популярные Lucas Thanos ~ Time flies

    Lucas Thanos ~ Time flies

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    music by Lucas Thanos sculptures by Salvador Dali location: London, UK; Old Port of Marseille, France 'Profile of Time' by Dalí This sculpture echoes Dalí's famous 1931 painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’ in which the famous melted watch appeared for the

  • 08:49 Популярные Justin Lowman

    Justin Lowman

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    “Initially upon reviewing The Armory Show and Tell prospectus, I scratched my head a little bit wondering how a practice such as mine could translate and fit within such a framework, particularly because my work often accounts for the given conditions and