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To celebrate both the 50th episode of AI and Games, and the original video garnering over one million views, I revisit the AI of Creative Assembly's horror game Alien: Isolation. Exploring more of the inner workings of the Xenomorph and other artificial intelligence systems in the game.

If you've never seen the original Alien: Isolation episode, go check that out:

Plus my AI 101 episode on Behaviour Trees (also starring Alien: Isolation) can be found at:

Special thanks to Matt Filer for their assistance in making this episode.
Links to their game projects as well as the OpenCAGE mod can be found below:

This video also uses the following 'Debug Checkpoint' mod by Matt Filer:

And the Cinematic Tools software by Matti Hietanen


AI and Games is a YouTube series on research and applications of Artificial Intelligence in video games. It's supported through and wouldn't be possible without the wonderful people who support it on Patreon, plus YouTube members and Paypal donations.


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