Remco Schuurbiers on Most Interesting Person [Berlin Trail03e01]

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Remco Schuurbiers surfaced as an unlikely lineage host, having met him in a random Berlin gallery opening in 2009 through a guy called Geoff Stahl. Stahl was working on a thesis about music and art within divided cities (Montreal, Berlin, Tel Aviv) and had drawn on some of Schuurbiers' work in his own, I was curious. After a few minutes chatting my impression shifted from an off-handish (dismissive?), quiet dutch guy to a well versed operator, living in a world that is rather unique. Schuurbiers is a connector, or in his words, the 'hub' of a community that spreads much wider then 1 scene within 1 city.

In his 2 decade long career he has brought together and instigated collaborations between some of the finest contemporary artists (many known, many more unknown) working not just in music, but in performance and visual arts also. In the making of his film I followed him to his todaysart festival in Den Haag and was impressed by its low key / high quality vibe and program. Mixed in with a Minus showcase with Richie Hawtin or X102 rediscovers the rings of Saturn with Jeff Mills and Mike Banks headline acts, were an array of theater, sculpture, screenings and social mingling more akin to a well produced fringe theater performance then an electronic music festival. In short the event struck me as an extension of Schuurbiers' personality.

Stuart Acker Holt

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