LINEAGE 2: REVOLUTION : Beginner English Guide Part 1 of 3

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Hey all,

This game is aim for those those that have never played Lineage 2: Revolution before.

This video will cover the following topics: (will update when i'm free):

1. Server
3. Interface & Settings
4. Partying
5. Class Skill & Runes
6. Clan Shop
7. Classes

I'm fizdarth from the SEA server Gludio 01. I used to lead the #1 Guild in the server and also fought many epic fortress war.

It seems like the NA EU launch for this game will be some time during NOV 2017. I made these series of videos a few weeks ago before quitting the game to cover all aspect of the game.

Basically, after going through the whole 3 series, you'll know what to do when the game is launch. My goal is to help you guys enjoy the game & be the top 200 in your server by just spending on just monthly diamond and monthly adena (total $20usd monthly)

I'll add more into the description when i have the time. For any questions, just type in the comments below, I'll answer all of them for you whenever i have the time to do it.

Do subscribe to this channel for more Lineage 2 Revolution Content.

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/fizdarth
facebook: www.facebook.com/thegarygan
email: fizdarth@gmail.com

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