Lincoln Lake GIANTS! Chapter 3 • The Warning...

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Death! Destruction! Blood! Killing! Now we are really getting into the good stuff. This episode is jam packed with some of our finest work at Lincoln Lake this summer. Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have seen Chapter 1 and 2 and you are all caught up. The final 2 chapters of this epic journey are all about climbing the best boulders and fighting for survival. If your problems are not the best then you get killed. Plain and simple.

In this glorious chapter you will get to see your good friends get killed for the first time. I would describe all the deaths scenes to you but that wouldn’t be as entertaining now would it. You will get to see Carlo on the first ascent of Small Arms (V12), Max on the FA of The New Slavery (V3), and Ryan on the FA of A Bloody Lineage (V9). All three lines are some of the best that Lincoln Lake has to offer and all three are worthy of a GIANT death.

Enjoy the show, and tell your friends that at LT11 we do things a bit different.

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