L2Devil.ws PVP : Solo, duo, mass... Still SAVAGES ! (feat Aimee) - Lineage 2 pvp h5 daggers

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We joined L2Devil as a duo (Aimee and Mysdel), fighting everybody on our path.
Being a Savage means to push yourself beyond your limits !

We play daggers class exclusively (Adventurer, Ghost Hunter, Wind Rider), on solo, duo, small scale and large scale pvp, on High Five servers.
We don't need any support with us, no FI, no SOS, no Apetite, no healer, no deadz interface...

If you like our gamestyle, our pvp, don't hesitate to subscribe, put a like and leave a comment below !
It helps us a lot.


Checkout Aimee's channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86n-qcpQZYzmBN3t8dBGxg

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