King Bowser / Fight Against Koopa (Super Mario Bros. 3 / Super Mario RPG) - GaMetal Remix

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Bowser returns to GaMetal yet again for today's remix of "King Bowser" from Super Mario Bros. 3!

◆ Gameplay footage by TheHarDeOne, Dmitry, and MarioManiac88 (Thank you!)

This was the most requested 'full version of a GaMetal song that's only been in a medley' from this year's May Madness ballots. I've done this song twice previously: first in the second ever GaMetal song "Bowser Medley", and again in the Super Mario RPG medley.

I've always had a bit of a personal connection with this song. The first time I heard it was in Super Mario RPG, and it was one of my favorite game songs as a kid. I wasn't aware that it originally came from Super Mario Bros. 3 (I don't think I ever beat SMB3 as a kid, not until later), so the SMRPG was the one I was most familiar with.

As such, this version is strongly influenced by Shimomura's SMRPG version, but I've thrown in a few nods to other versions as well.

Enjoy! :)

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