Karma and Natural Causality [The Five Niyamas] Part 2

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Why? It’s the most human of all questions. Fate? God? Physics? Karma? Chaos?

About 2,500 years ago in ancient India, the Buddha introduced a radically new model to explain how the world works, known as The Five Niyamas. Karma is just one of those five forces. Yet many people believe that every aspect of their present life is a result of their past actions. 

Join Camilo Cerro for this interactive workshop as he unpacks the critical nuances of this essential teaching and we answer the question, “Is it true that everything that happens due to my karma?” That answer holds the key to understanding who we are (the base), what we’re doing (the path), and what we hope to achieve (the fruit).

We will approach causality from the perspective of the Gelukpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, using a text called the Lamrim Chenmo as translated by Geshe Sopa. We will also integrate the modern experiential and intellectual perspective of neurophysiologist and ordained layperson, John Yates, Ph.D. 

On Saturday February 16, 2013 Camilo Cerro spoke at the Sarva Yoga Academy on Karma and Causality.

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