Hot Yoga - A Sacred Journey - 26 + 2 series taught by Francesca Asumah

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A film by Brian To - http://www.briantophoto.com/
Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr: @briantophoto

Camera: Angelus Tamerlane Bailey, Brian To
Editing: Matt LaCorte

Please CONNECT with Francesca Asumah at:
Instagram: @rasta_far_i

SIGN UP for a Hot Yoga class with Francesca Asumah:
Hot8Yoga Beverly Hills
Mon., Wed., Fri. - 9:15am
Tues. Thurs. - 4:15 pm & 6:15pm

REVIEWS by Hot Yoga Students practicing in this video:

"Francesca gets to know her students, and truly cares for us. She brings a very loving heart to her class." - Amanda C. Bleich

"I feel inspired and more spiritually connected. Francesca's tone and ability make everyone in the class feel special." - Anderson Wittekind

"I love how Francesca works out your body and mind while healing your inner being with thoughts of love and light." - Brian To

"Francesca helps you tap into your inner beingness though LOVE! She brings sacred geometry and spirituality to class." - Camille Wade

"I love her generous and uplifting spirit." - Damayanthi Jakubowski

"Francesca has a beautiful energy and love for us all. It's a community, and we all feel the love and gratitude of being there." - Donatella Heyworth

"I have a new understanding of hot yoga, and what it does for my whole being." - Eileen Hespen

"Her spirit lives in each class and each posture...Self Awareness, Self Love, Self-Expression, Lightness, and Love." - Greg Howell

"Francesca helped heal me when my mom died. She takes me to the stars and outer universe when I practice." - Gregory Woo

"I feel at peace, balanced and in a great mood! Francesca says, 'Let go or be dragged'... Life changing when building a house and raising three kids." - Jaynee Beckman

"She is a walking, talking, breathing channel of divine love, light and compassion, pulling those around her out of the matrix and into the vortex." - Jolyne Lowery

"Francesca reminds me to be in the moment, clear my mind and love myself...always leave bad thoughts and the ego behind. It is not a competition, but rather a way to love our body while looking forward and practicing good thoughts about ourselves." - Katia Al Asadi

"Francesca helps find true purpose, slowing my thoughts while improving flexibility. It's the smartest exercise I've found for mind and body...And her humor is fantastic!" - Kimberly Barton

"Francesca's verbal tutoring style is one-of-a-kind. Her spirit is pure and her love for her students is genuine. I feel peace of mind, clarity, acceptance of my body, and confidence." - Kristiaan Yeo

"Francesca is such a clear channel to the divine. The entire class she speaks from a higher consciousness channeling collective energies and love while also cueing postures." - Lindsey Kimura

"She teaches the spiritual emotional, physical, connection in a way I relate to. It truly inspires me." - Lisa Canning

"She takes traditional dialogue to an expansive spiritual plane explaining how we and the poses are connected to the universe." - Mason Meyer

"Francesca helps me to NOT think about everyday problems...It's a form of meditation." - Robert Lockstone

"I feel better, stronger and definitely changed. Francesca mentions amazing things to think about." - Sennett Devermont

"Amazing, loving and present." - Victoria Njau

Francesca Asumah BIOGRAPHY:

Born to an English mother and a Ghanaian father, Francesca discovered her spirituality at a very young age. Her journey started in the U.K., where she turned the “can nots” and “do nots” into self-realization and enlightenment—helped greatly by her “magicians”: the authors G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky.

Francesca’s growth continued exponentially through yoga, which she has practiced for the past 15 years. Though her yogic experience has brought her incredible joy and unspeakable sorrow, she will be the first to tell you: You can’t heal without suffering—the heart must be broken open.

This embracing of the light and the dark gives Francesca a unique perspective on yoga—and life in general. Her classes are more often communal celebrations: pupils feel as though they have been existentially altered as they “dance with the ancients” through the 26 + 2 series. Francesca encourages her students to be their own guru—and connect with their own inner observer. She adheres faithfully to the lineage, but infuses her own brand of nurturing and empathy. And though she is a master of this singular blend, Francesca herself will say that she is still more student than teacher, always thirsting for insight.

Francesca is truly one with the divine. She is a being made of light, her body is made of stardust—and she is LOVED: by her students, her colleagues, and especially by her two beautiful children.

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