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MESH DESIGNER : Michael “Kirtemor” Mundwiller

Brief Historical Background
The U.S.S. Enterprise STX-1701-H originally began her life as the U.S.S. Styx NX-109392. When the Jakarthan Empire invaded the galaxy in 2496, her construction crew prepared to abandon the base and the newly completed ship hidden there. The STX has a dual meaning. First, it stands for Slipstream Transwarp eXperiment, Involving a new slipstream drive that needed no cooldown period between uses, and an Advanced Sensor and Deflector Palette for maintaining a stable slipstream wormhole at high transwarp speeds. Second, it is a short form of Styx, the ship's previous name. As the last of the crew departed, word came down that the NCC-1701-G had been destroyed. In Honor of the Lineage that is Enterprise, she was given her new designation. She would lay hidden for nearly a century until Captain Anastasia Brenner recovered her and returned her to service. 


1. Advanced Bioneural Network with AI holographic Interface. Dual Redundant Optical Data Network backup system.

2. Ship-wide Holographic projector system allowing for multiple holographic crew replacements in an emergency up to minimum functional crew level of 85.

3. High Efficiency Warp Drive, Advanced Quantum Sliptream Transwarp Drive.

4. 6 Multiple Variable Warhead Torpedo Launchers (4 forward, 2 Aft)

5. 10 Mark XXVI Self-Modulating Beam Arrays capable of firing up to 3 seperate beams from each array and the capability to switch from Mutiphasic Phasers to Multiphasic Tetryon Beams. Each Shot will be modulated on a random frequency to prevent adaptaion and nulification of phaser potential.

6. High Efficency Gravity Impulse Drive. Uses a form of artificial gravity to move the ship at sublight speeds. Backed up by a pair of conventional Impulse Engines.

7. Gravity Reaction Control System. Uses a form of artificial gravity to move the ship at low speeds and changes in direction. Backed up by a Standard RCS in the advent of a loss of the GRCS.

8.Advance Infection Control System for the bioneural network. Tied into the Starship Holographic Interface Network it has the ability to detect infections in the bioneural network and respond accordingly. 

9.Mark X Advance Regenerative Ablative Armour System. An advanced form of the system the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74565 brought back from the Delta Quadrant, this system has a higher regeneration rate, more flexibilty for armament use and can be used in conjunction with shields. Unlike previous versions, this system is nearly flush with the hull, making it harder to discern with sensors.

10. Hybrid Touchscreeen/Holographic Control Interface system.

11. Dual Quantum M/AM Reactors with High Efficiency Dilithium Recrystalization And Replication Systems.

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