Gen Atem Reportage on Swiss Television CH-TV

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First train 1983. At a time, when most people in Europe haven't even heard of graffiti, this man did already pieces on steel (and what other surfaces you can paint on). When he met the New York Legend PHASE 2 in 1985, a journey started for which some people would kill to experience. It doesn't matter if SEEN, FUTURA 2000, ZEPHYR or BANDO. He met them. With RAMMELLZEE as his friend and mentor he kept the lineage ongoing that was passed from NOC167 to DONDI. Despite his wild youth, he is calm and humble. Maybe it's because he lived for seven years in a tibetian monastery as a buddhistic monk and found a important source for inspiration in meditation. Today he's still a writer. Even if most of the people can't identify it as classical graffiti, there's still so much more hidden in his work, than most can imagine. Enjoy 25 minutes of graffiti history with us and say hello to GEN ATEM. (description by CH-TV)

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