Chronology (Part 1)

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DISCLAIMER: Due to some harsh language, violence, and a scene with an implied abduction, this movie is intended for mature audiences. Sorry kids, but Chronology is restricted.

Part 1 of 2. The deaths in the Marks family hold more secrets than one can bear. An age old society with the ability to time travel and prevent disasters, is what steals the exceptional few within the Marks lineage. Now, Micah Marks, the present leader of "Chronology," seeks to recruit his younger brother Ben, who leads a quiet, happy life with his wife. Little does he know about the ruthless world he is about to be pulled into.

Directed by
DJ Gierhart

Cinematography by
Lawrence Marshall
Colleen Mleziva

Shot on Panasonic DVX 100b 24p Advanced

Skyhart Productions (2010)
Marshall Productions (2010)

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