Asana Kitchen: Marichyasana C with David Garrigues

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Within the extensive canon of postures that form the ashtanga sequences there are many varieties of seated twist, and Marichasana C is the root or first seated twist. It comes first among seated twists because it gives you easy access to the set of principles that will teach you how to bring out the best of any twist. With just a little instruction nearly any beginner can do (at least a modified version of) this foundational asana. And thus with relatively little effort you can receive its healing benefits of increased spinal flexibility and cleansing of the abdominal and digestive organs.

And also this deceptively challenging posture will continue to puzzle you and lure you into a deeper study of its possibilities as you mature in your practice.

The principles that awaken the spinal rotation are:

1) Orient your spinal column in a vertical line over your earth connected foundation.

2) lift the chest and rotate your head and torso evenly to the side.

3) stabilize your base by pressing down through the bent leg foot, and anchor the straight leg thigh bone.

4) internally rotate both arms (both palms face outwards), take one arm around the outer knee of the bent leg, reach back and around with the other arm catching your wrist (the wrapper is the grabber), or clasping your fingers, or catching a tie.

5) If you feel challenged by the position you can try elevating the hips a bit by sitting on a folded blanket, and/or allowing the bent leg sitting bone to be up off the ground, and/or allowing the bent leg hip to move back slightly in relation to the straight leg hip. These three modifications will make it easier to get the feeling of creating a thorough spinal rotation. As you gain proficiency you can reduce or eliminate the modifications: anchor the bent leg sitting bone downwards and stabilize the bent leg hip so that you keep the hips evenly squared forward-then twist

6) Maintain an uddhyana bandha lift of the navel, roll back the unbound arm shoulder, look all the way around to the side and focus on rotating the spine evenly and thoroughly as you maintain your clear, stable, weighted base.

David Garrigues is one of the few teachers in the US certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by the late world renowned yoga master Sri K Pattahbi Jois. As an Ashtanga Ambassador, he bases his teachings on the idea that 'Anyone can take practice,' a core idea in the teachings of Sri K Pattahbi Jois.

David's mission is to help others flourish within the contemporary lineage of Ashtanga Yoga. While staying true to the traditional teachings of Ashtanga, David is adept at adapting the practice to suit all levels of practitioner and make it accessible to everyone.
David is the creator of the Asana Kitchen Series (SUBSCRIBE for up-to-date videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/davidgarrigues) as well as additional resources for Ashtanga practitioners including led DVDs and his pranayama book, Vayu Siddhi, available for purchase on his website http://www.davidgarrigues.com.

This Asana Kitchen was filmed at David's home studio in Philadelphia, the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia http://www.aysphiladelphia.com. David teaches a Primary Series and Second Series intensive there each year during the spring and fall.

The Asana Kitchen series is created to answer common questions or address concerns about the practice. To submit questions for the Asana Kitchen series, you can attend David's workshops OR email him at the asanakitchen@gmail.com

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