3vs3 - Cardinal - Eva Saint - Paladin- Lineage 2 Revolution

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This video is only to show the perks of a 3vs3 party with a Cardinal, Eva Saint and Paladin. Many say, you lack firepower and so on. Sure we lack that compared to full DPS parties but we got more fire power then most expect and in addition we are pretty hard to kill do to our special combination. So in this video we make a lot of mistakes and i did 4 mages in a row no editing because the mistakes are a part of the real PvP. It is not interesting to just show the best matches. This says a lot more. We love this combo and when we use Voice communication. We did not use voice in these clips, when we do the quality improve much more of course. But again, we wanted to show typical/ordinary matches with this specific combo.

Lineage 2 Revolution is a Mobile MMORPG made in unreal engine 4. It offers features for fans of both PVP and PVE content, fortress battles, player castle sieges, 1v1 arena, 3vs3 battle field, dungeons, traditional dungeon raids and a main story to follow in an open world.

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